Hi everyone!
I started really making files two years ago, and from that point I've been working on my next file ever since. It has been a constant pressure to create.


I am going to take a break now until the new year, and just have some rest time. I can't work on the files right now. The inspiration dries up when I try. I know it has already been quite some time since my last file and I'm sorry if you've felt I've been leading you on. I'm making the script available to patrons, and if you want you can run it through a TTS voice. 

I probably will still be adding some more youtube files to the site over the next weeks, but maybe not all. I know a lot of you are missing out on some of your favorite files right now and really want to get back to them, but the truth is they might not even be there. I'm looking through my disk and it is very very unorganized. It is going to take me some time to sort through everything and find some of the earlier files. 

I'm really thankful for all of your support. Thank you everyone so so much. I was at the edge of destitution and worse when I started and you all brought me out. 

I'll talk to you all again January 1st

Bye for now


  • Sydney

    What a wonderful Christmas gift, to find that you are still discounting your fantastic files! Thank you Kei, for everything and Happy New Year!

  • Ausqlacht3

    Why You dont try Soundcloud?

  • Jinx

    It’s a real shame that YouTube did this to you, but remember that it’s not your fault. We all understand that this has been hard on you. I, as someone who made a failed attempt at YouTube, know how quickly you fill up hard-drive space and how often you have to delete things… Don’t let it get you down, you’re creative. Your videos have told me that much. Get some rest, take a break and get some new inspiration. Writer’s block is annoying, but often times the best solution is to take a break. We’ll be here when you get back, so take your time!

    A friendly listener,

  • Sissy

    Peace written in lights. Until Jan. 1st 2018.

  • Sydney

    Rest up lovely lady, we will still be here supporting your craft! Thank you for all that you do and Merry Holidays to you and yours!

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