Demon Girl: Magic Spell Compulsion

Demon Girl: Magic Spell Compulsion

Hi everyone! This is my second file where I've tried to induce an orgasm as the main subject topic for the file. I think this one works better as a HFO file than Horny Girl Trance. It still isn't where I want to be for the ultimate HFO file, but this is a very big improvement on my last attempt. If you have any ideas for the next HFO file, please post a comment. Thanks everyone!


  • Rune

    Hi Kei
    Love your work, but I wold love to have a file, that make me see and feel like the demon girl puppet Slav, only part time, or when in alone, or when it is possible to be safe, I am afraid to be a sissy with my children or wife is here. I love to listen more at your files but don’t know if I have the currage, if it make my a sissy full time ?

  • Danielle Shuford

    Your YouTube channel is gone! No more files! I am so disappointed!! I loved listening! Do you plan to bring it back?

  • Joan

    Wish I had this kind of stuff years ago. So much fun.
    I believe I read that you were playing around with a time traveling hypnotic. If you achieve anything, could be dangerous. But once in trance I was seeing memories from past, recalling a situation. Actually, recalling more of the past time and again. What I was thinking was- If an event was visited in Memory and expanded to the extent of Desire, it would (while not changing past) alter the Now Person. By Expanding the past, nudging the memories, it would further enhance the Now.
    Contrarily, projecting into the future would be more difficult, although creating a subliminal suggestion that on a particular day in the future, the subject would sit, meditate, and focus back to this moment where trance has made them receptive to future self. Between now and then subject practices tranced focus, learns what there is of projection. Variables.
    Don’t know. I love Time Travel Conundrums but wouldn’t wish to change my past.
    I’ve loved the files you’ve shared. Bought some. Hopefully will be in position to buy the latest mentioned.
    Good luck with it all. Keep up the good work. If you do get into the past… no… never mind. lol
    Would you head to past or future? Oh… I think Time Viewing might be safer.

  • Aname

    Demon girl’s multiplication spell

    Demon girl can multiply any object, feeling, or even person (herself). Demon girl multiplies the size of her clit to become a huge cock. Demon girl multiplies her body to fuck you from both ends. Demon girl multiplies again to have more fun, making a copy of you and two more of demon girl. Your favorite orgy, having your counterpart give you 69 for a brief period. Demon girl multiplies your pleasure, your submission, your obedience. Getting fucked to orgasm, groped by more copies of demon girl, and watching your copy getting fucked in ways that make you jealous. But you still feel what she feels.

  • name here

    sissy stuff makes me feel really hot but i always feel like shit afterwards, any chance for a hfo file with demon girl where you focus more on domination and not feminization?

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