Demon Girl: Master

Demon Girl: Master

I am laying on an alter. This is a magical stone alter. This connects me with something deep inside the earth. I can feel my naked body resting against this stone alter. It feels warm. I am very comfortable. I can hear these sounds relaxing me. I can sense master comforting me. He is standing above me, and I want to accept this deep mind control. He is giving me a command. I can see this in my mind. I can see him pushing something against my forehead. I can feel it. He is pushing his thumb against my forehead. He is writing something right there. A deep happy sigh. I love moaning for master. I love feeling happy and smiling. I can see myself. I am sleeping. I am having a happy dream. I can see myself moaning very quietly. I can hear it. I am moaning in my sleep. My horny little pleasure hole is gently contracting right now. I can sense this in my mind. I am gently squeezing over and over. This is an irresistible urge. Master commands me to obey. I can feel it throbbing with each heartbeat. I can feel my pussy throbbing harder and harder with each passing heartbeat. Slowly getting hotter and hotter. I can feel this arousal building as I subconsciously squeeze. I need to obey. I must obey.


I hear her voice speaking through my mind. I can feel this spirit's love flowing into my heart. I accept this deep arousal flowing into my mind. I can cum for master. I obey master's command to cum with my pussy. I know that I am a good girl.


  • porkei

    Wow Kei this is incredible

  • Eve

    As you wish master! accept my humble submission to the Demon’s girl love, let she merge in my body and mind, i’m a good girl, i obey, i serve. My mind is a open hole to all your wishes.

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