Female Spirit Inculcation

Female Spirit Inculcation

This is my most powerful file so far. I have been refining a few techniques recently, and they have finally had some profound effects on my mind. I hope you enjoy this file. I hope you enjoy her presence inside your mind. This is really powerful. I had a really pleasurable experience. And once you have a orgasmic experience while inside trance. You will crave that experience like nothing else.

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  • Kei

    Hi Tra. Thank you for that wonderful experience. I would love to hear anything more.

  • Tra'

    I looked down to view large shiny luscious perky breasts with huge areola, my pussy quivered as love juice dripped from it as my new female form continued on a state of orgasmic bliss, each drop reminiscent of a flawlwess liquid diamond, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow and sparkles, spakles, and flashes of light, an essence of the utmost purity and “enfused” with love.

    I beheld my new form and reviled in it, so sensitive and feminine….so FREE!…so..“EMOTIONAL”…so empathetic. As I looked up I beheld a great soft pink door in the midst of darkness, it had an almost celtic like heart design made of the most brilliant magnificent gold emblazoned on it and patterning off the side to its borders.

    The door opened and a beautiful white light shone through..it was extremely bright and pierced right through me. This light made me feel alive, its contrast to the world I knew making the world I knew seem like a dark dream. As I walked through this door, my consciousness was separated from my body? my consciousness was not permitted to walk through this light, the only things that passed through this door where all of the positive things in my heart…Hopes, Dreams, Cherished Memorys, Love..

    I stood before the threshold of this door, as more and more of me passed through it until I was just a blip of consciousness in existence enshrouded in a shadowy specter form that seemed male and was darker than the darkness that already surrounded the atmosphere, though its form was not definite it was an offshoot of my normal male form though it had no sex traits or even features for that matter, but it was made out of mini tornadoes of darkness?…or if you’ve ever seen the movie ghosts my form resembled one of the shadow demons from that movie. As more and more of me entered through this door into this light this new form “on the outside of the door” began to take form in its stead, being drawn out from the deepest parts of me.

    On the other side (as I stared on in awe and amazement from outside the door)…something had began to take form within the light….. A humanoid type figure. It was neither male nor female, but it was BEAUTIFUL and it’s EROTICNESS surpassed anything that i’d ever seen. It seemed to be made of the essence of “PURE LOVE”…what was this I thought? It had pure white hair and beautiful vibrant honey dew skin with an overtone tint of carrot orange..it’s eyes where pink and the pupil was made of shining white light beneath the pink, though it was neither male nor female it seemed to be feminine in nature..the creature was floating within this light smiling and laughing with an innocent happiness, it had all the innocence of a newborn baby yet all of the complexity of the heavens and earth combined! it did not know what was going on, neither did it think to know. was it aware of me? I don’t think it was? but it didn’t care or have any reason to, it was just a being of pure happiness, wonder, peace, joy, eroticness..It bewildered me watching it float there in utter bliss it was just so..peaceful..it had no reason to be happy, but it didn’t seem to need a reason, it was just “what it was” “IT” WAS HAPPYNESS. ..all of a sudden it hit me…was this the me without all of my negativity!

    As more and more of me passed into the threshold something began happening to my consciousness that was trapped outside the door and within this shadowy dark form.

    Thoughts entered my mind: Oh that bastard thinks he’s gotten away from me has he? This is a brilliant opportunity to shatter his DUMBASS heart. I’ve tormented him from the time of his birth. I “HATE” him HE IS SO F*CKING STUPID! “I” will not rest until his pure and innocent heart iss suffering in the “PIT” of HELL! each scream that he gives off will bring evil waves of bliss to my being, I will laugh and stare him in the eye as all of his damned light vanishes and dies away without hope in the void of darkness and despair… I WILL MURDER HIM AT THE END OF TIME.

    I attempted to use my willpower to cause a chink in the other me’s form that would create a dissonance in him and mar his light, creating confusion, uncertainty, and fear. this has always worked on him hes always been such an insecure, pathetic little dumbass bitch. His light will blow out like an overserged lightbulb in an instant! and “ohhh” how beautiful it will be.

    As I attempted this evil action…nothing happned. “Something” was protecting him, I didn’t know if it was the invisible barrier or something else. I tried again and again to shoot waves of negativity at him by hitting myself with the waves like a human voodoo doll (or directing them into his heart or mind) but it just, to no avail, did not work. it was as if we where now separate.

    I heard a number “5”, an incredibly wicked realisation entered my head as I watched on and the door began to close. Though I could not harm or effect him in any way “4”, I for some reason had the authority to command him out of the light as he belonged “3” to me and had to mindlessly obey me, for I am his conscious. As I was about to give the command I stared at him…..I realisied how he was finally truly happy…like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon of oppression and hell{I’ve caused him endless harm since the time of his birth}……a faint smile entered my face; from where it came I do not know..as at this point I had no more positivity left within me I was “PURE EVIL”, (perhaps what caused this smile could be likened to the light of the sun striking the dark of the moon and illuminating it)..I’ve always hated him but I’ve never seen him like this I thought to myself..I stared on blankly at him as the dark form seemed to vanish from me and I became simply a blip of concousness in space without shape or form. “2” as the door was almost fully closed another realization hit me..if this door closes I will cease to exist..

    For a split nano second I began to panic, but just seeing him like this dissipated my fear immediately and a happy calmness took its place. Neglecting my own safety and welfare I looked on at him, somehow with a happy proudness. I’d watched him grow and struggle since he was an infant…….look at him now……………….I “1”.

    I received this vision as I listened to “FEM TRAINING MASTURBATION LOCK”. It had a strong effect on me and I’ve been going about my day with this sense of calmness and a new emotion that I cannot identify, it is faint and deep rooted. I’m not much of a writer, so I apologise if this makes no sense but I just felt that I had to express this experience somewhere. Thank you KEI <3

  • Tra'

    Kei, you are one of the most rarest and unique people in the world, I am very glad that GOD almighty created you. The fact that such a soul as yourself exists boggles my mind and edify’s GOD’S glory in my eyes. You have had a great impact on my life the likes of which I’ve never dreamed. Pls don’t ever stop being you Kei. (and even though you make demon videos and utilize the dark crafts(namely: magick)GOD BLESS YOU! <3

    P.S.: I “LOVE” your slut videos and cannot wait to try the Hentai one that you have created! I’m a big fan of VOR hentai, like this: https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=absorption+vor+hentai&go=Search&qs=bs&form=QBIDMH

    Also love all of your erotic videos in general that I’ve listened to.

    I believe that love-making is a powerful form of expressing love directly to someone. I know it sounds “very” weird but at the same time it is “very” dangerous due to the multitude of physical and spiritual side-effects of it (this is why I am celibate). I love the absorption vore hentai because of the sense of Love and Unity that I get when I see it. I also like to view mind control hentai or mind parasite hentai as an symbolic image of GOD working through me.

    This is Hentai X RAY CUM INSERTION:


    Brain Parasite Hentai:


    I’m not perfect either when it comes to sin, by the very act of breathing I sin as it is how I was born, but GOD has a plan for us, I hate to sin and fight it all the time, I believe that Jesus will deliver me. I just wanted to let that be known just incase you’ve got offended by me mentioning your use of dark arts, I didn’t want you to think I was on a “high horse” as I am guilty as well.

    As for sex people like to attribute it and anything related to it to evil, but I say GOD holds the key to the “true sex and orgasm” (GOD created it after-all) which is different from this corrupted, dead, and evil form we have here now. The devil likes to copy anything that is pure and of GOD and turn it into a corrupted evil form, as such one of my main goals in life is intimacy with the TRUE most high GOD, and as strange as it sounds, your videos have helped me along that path. For that I am thankful.

    Anyway, Keep it up Hunnybunn <3!

  • Ron

    You do absolutely great work. I love your recordings.

  • Johnny is now Jessica

    I am a teenage girl now. My name is Jessica

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