Feminizing Name Brainwash

Feminizing Name Brainwash

This has a really strong effect one me. I really enjoyed making this one, and I hope you all enjoy it also! If you want to encourage me to make more free videos, please subscribe to my Patreon or Youtube.


  • Pandapall2

    Kei, could you please consider making a file for me? I have a obsession with the idea of adult nursing relationships. I would love to have a fully functional male reproductive system and also have large hairless lactating breasts. Itd be cool if the file could make that dream a reality and also stimulate a hands free experience with breastfeeding somebody and perhaps feeling the let down reflex as well as milk flowing out of my breasts. Please email me back if you are willing to take on this project. I am willing to pay you about $50. Thank you

  • Kei

    Hi, I have forgotten most of the content of my older files so I’m not really good person to create the guide.

  • SissyRed

    Hi, this is off topic… I didn’t know how to contact you otherwise. Could you do a guide to your files. Like where to begin. Some of your older files are a bit rough, and there are so many. So a little help with where to start would be greatly appreciated. <3

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