Happy New Year

Hi everyone! I'm back. Thanks for the break. I'm going to get right back to work now. I've been kind of slow lately but I'm slowly getting back some inspiration. Thanks everyone for being patient with me. You all are really amazing, and I am very thankful for your support. I'm going to keep going because I really want to for my self and for everyone. I kind of told myself I was doing this for a whole lot of different reasons. I don't really know which one is actually true myself. I want to keep going, and I'm going to try to make some things free. Red gem will still get everything.

Everything is going full steam ahead. I am a very big introvert so I'm not ever going to be very engaging. But I am going to try to be more engaging. I know that is my biggest fault. 

Thanks again everyone! And have a really happy new year! 


  • Sarl

    its a shame i cant join pantreon each time i try when i try to pledge my account gets suspended

  • some1

    I really prefer the audios with that gentle feminine girl voice, found in “I’m a good girl”. I stop the recordings made with TTS engine and the ones with that demonic background. I don’t believe in any deities, it just turns me away sex-wise. Can you please make the ones with that gentle girly voice? After listening to that angelic girly voice, I really want to marry the girl.

  • skipthmb


    please keep making these and make me the cock slut i want to be but am too much of a weak bitch to becum on my own

    happy new year


  • some1

    Since YouTube got your channel deleted, is there any chance you upload the free recordings to soundcloud or Vimeo or any hosting service and share a link in your blog?

    Being straight I enjoyed your latest recordings. The ones with gentle guiding female voice. The length of the files is great.

    Porn is boring already. They don’t film anything new these days, the scenario is predictable and the content is short in length.

    There is nothing close to what you create. I mean, there are binaural recordings out there, but they are not as layered as yours and their content is more close to erotic hypnosis. Yours are a mix of fantasy, eroticism, hypnotism. Truly a mind drug, a mind warp.

  • S.Hawk

    Dear Kei,
    Happy New Year.
    I love your products. Thank you so much.
    I love the length but I imagine it is difficult for you. The production of each is delightful.
    I’m a writer, so I spend a lot of time on the computer. I listen to your files while I work. I don’t know if that’s a proper usage, but I think they help focus my inner me(?Not much does). I’ve posted some short MtF at LIL. I epub adult.
    I hope that your muse continues to visit you during this New Year.
    Thanks Again,

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