Hard drive failure

I lost all my scripts and project files. I will start over again. I'm going to keep a backup this time. You'd think I would have learned my lesson when I lost all my work the last time. I was right in the middle of writing an alien abduction script with brain microchips that will have to wait until I get inspiration to write it again. 

I have finished writing a sissy girl's cocksucker curse. I really think this is one of my best scripts and uses a new technique that I found really effective. I'm going to record this one tomorrow. I am also 70% done with my next baby regression diaper file script. I have been wearing diapers this last week, so I have been motivated to feel diapered. I'm not putting any feminization or gender at all in this next baby regression diaper file, but as for me, diapers make me feel very very submissive and feminine.


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  • Z

    Oh man, alien abduction with brain microchips sounds like the hottest thing ever. I hope you find that inspiration again!

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