Thanks patrons!

Thank you to my two patrons at I know its going to take some time to grow and two pledges is a really good start. Thanks!

I'm also working on a affectionate doll mind virus file. It is really cool. I will be done with it soon! This one is going to include dumbing suggestions, slut suggestions, and transforming into a doll.


  • mindslave67

    I love the human voice. The TTS voice completely turns me off and I never got into your work because of that. But now I pay attention to everything you put out in your friend’s voice.

  • kei

    I didn’t really think people liked the fact that it was TTS. I thought that was the biggest thing holding me back. I will make more TTS files. I wanted to make them anyway, and they are easier to make. Thanks for your advise Mae.

    Andriana: I will make one for breasts again really soon. I have the same thing with estrogen suddenly being produced. I have small breasts that seem to grow in waves every month. I think it’s sinked to my period but I don’t feel any cramping or anything but do feel more emotional for a few days each month and sore breasts.

  • Mae

    I don’t know where else I can put this, but the minute I tried a file voiced by your friend I knew I wouldn’t be buying anything with her voice. Your style is amazing, but it does not suit a human voice.

    I don’t want to sound rude or ungrateful I’m just really, really disappointed that the best hypno creator I know removed the core magic from their work. I’ve been listening for a couple of years now and I’m really excited to see you doing new things, but you gotta consider the following you’ve already built and not leave them in the dust.

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been as disappointed as I was when I actually heard the voice replacing the wonderful TTS voices I’ve grown so fond of over time.

  • Adriana

    Ms. Kei, after listening to tons of hypnosis and binaural beats, about 7 or 8 months ago my body spontaneously started to produce estrogen and my breasts started growing. I wasn’t even sure if that’s what I really wanted or not but it’s too late now. My breasts are now a full 40B and continue to grow. My butt and hips have gotten huge! I’m scared I won’t be able to hide it much longer and yet all I can think about is more feminization training. I must be a good girl.

    I got your milky breast growth file and really like it and saw you have a breast and butt growth one too. Is there any chance you could consider making one specifically for growing huge breasts? Maybe a brainwashing file instead of hypnosis? I recently got your Deep Slut Fuck Hole file and OMG. That is simply amazing. One like that focused on making my girly breasts as big as possible would a dream come true.

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