Thoughts Part 1: Multiplayer Games

I have a feeling that multiplayer adult games are going to be popular one day. I also think virtual reality as a medium is specially suited to this kind of artistic expression due to its high degree of immersion.

One type of hypnotic styled multiplayer game could include one controller player and one subject player. The controller player could request or induce narrative events for the subject. The subject would follow along through the tasks or events under the supervision of the controller player. The controller would have the ability to extend the induction phase or to skip right past it. They would have control over the game's hypnotic story. The subject player could have a new experience every time they play. I think it could also be interesting to have a tipping mechanism built into the game so that at the end of a session between controller and subject they could tip the other for their time. I think this could be a really fun way to reward the most skilled players.


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