Youtube termination

I am appealing the termination. They have listed it as, spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content. They haven't spoken any human words to me yet.(edit: I meant they have only sent automated messages)

I hope they overturn the decision.

I don't know what to do but keep appealing

Edit: They have received the complaint and are reviewing. They will get back to me as soon as possible.

Edit: Nothing new to say yet. I hope I hear back soon.

Edit: Hi everyone! I'm still slowly working on my next file. It is a really long one and it is taking some time to complete. Thanks for your patience. I haven't gotten any messages more from Youtube yet, but the process can take some time.


  • Slick Monique

    BangorCatgirl2016, you wrote:

    “I just wanted to tell you that thanks to your work i had a wonderful encounter with a group of female sex demons. They brought me into their domain itself and i had not just one but an entire harem of demons lavishing their attention on me. I think the matriach of this group was Lilith herself but i cannot be sure. She had flowing red hair and was the epitome of female beauty.”

    Amazing! Did this really happen? If so, how? Was it an OBE? Lucid dream? I’d love to know cause right now I’m just a middle-aged, incel for life, fat male useless slob, but when I’m dead I want to go to a perverse erotic hell, where everything is pleasure-lust and everyone is sex-loved forever, to become a gorgeous “female sex demon” slave whore prostitute.

    I regard Kei’s brainwash hypnosis as part of my metamorphosis, in preparation for the afterlife, and I also love some of your stuff, like “Dumb Bimbo Attitude & Permanent IQ Reduction”, which is quite addictive, so I’d love some feedback on the above. Do such groups, as the one lead by the matriarch you encountered, for instance ever look for fresh souls to ensnare, enslave and perhaps exploit as “property”? IS IT REAL?

  • some1

    Can’t you upload to Google drive and share it? Or some audio service ? Have you considered ? It’s strange you got some audios shared for free on YouTube, yet those very same files are paid versions on your website… Also, if some of them are free, why there is a need for checkout? Can’t we just download them?

  • Lochie Battersby

    Can you make a Harley Quinn feminization hypnosis free please

  • Kei

    Thank you all so much for your encouragement. Your comments really mean a lot to me, and I keep coming back to read them.

  • SofiaB

    Dear Kei

    I downloaded some of your public vids from Youtube couple of months ago, but they felt even too intense and raDICAL then. Came back though last week , only to see that your channel was gone! I then joined Patreon and this site and could by doing so buy or download for free many amazing hypno mp3:s, so thank you for your precious work! I noticed – unfortunately – too, that many of your videos had been available via Youtube only and are therefore inaccessible now. I really hope to see your channel back online, I sent feedback to YT just a moment ago.

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