Demon Girl: Feminine Hole

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Voice type: Human Female

Duration: 1:49:57

Description: This file implants deep feminization triggers into the mind of the subject. She we deeply desire these powerful symbols. She will learn to hear herself say yes. She will say yes to the correct things. Demon girl will cause the subject to feel deeply attracted to men. She will want to have sex with a cute guy. Demon girl's magic will transform you. This file contains subliminal programming. The subject will be conditioned to wear makeup every day. She will instinctively feel horny when she talks to a cute guy. This spell shrinks the subject's body. She will remind you throughout your day. Demon girl's magic will remind the subject that she is a very good girl. She will behave and feel the correct thoughts. This is a mind control spell. This builds on the Demon Girl series. This has deep feminization programming. This spell will cause the subject to say yes to cock. If she sees an erect cock, she will want to suck it. She will feel a deep compulsion when she talks to any cute guy. This will cause the subject to date men. She will wear dresses and cute feminine clothes. Demon girl will subconsciously direct the mind of the subject by implanting subconscious ideas. A magical moon light will flow into your mind. This moon magic is a special feminine magic.

Contains: Dresses, earrings, body shrinking, makeup, lip gloss, mind control, demon magic, attraction to cock, cock sucking, cum swallowing, deep feminization, estrogen.

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