Spirit Girl Memories: Sucky Nipples

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Voice Type: Artificial Intelligence Female Voice, Text-To-Speech, Computer synthesized

Duration: 41:06 (Medium Length)

Audience: okay for Lesbians, Any Attraction, Transgender Girly Girls

Description: This files implants subconscious breast growth suggestions. Spirit girl will cause the subject's breasts to grow. She will gently suck on the subject's nipples. This spell surrounds her heart mind in a control bubble. Her breasts will leak. Her breasts will become very sensitive to estrogen. This spell will cause her nipples to gradually become very sensitive and to feel a sucky sensation gently pulling on them. Spirit girl will implant memories from past lives inside the heart mind of the subject. This is a nipple sensitivity and breast growth spell. This spell causes a heart connection with her self. She will become connected with her self. She has always been a very horny girl. A very girly girl. She will remember this about herself. She is a very feminine girl.

Contains: Memory Remember, Wet Pussy, Milky Breasts, Nipple Sensitivity, Spirit Girl Magic, Breast Growth, Submissive Girly Girl, Panties, Past Lives, Nipple suck.

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