Spirit Girl Spell: Clitty Shrink

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Computer Female, Text to Speech

Duration: 1:04:20

Audiences: This specific file does not change sexual preference. This file is focused on feminization and shrinking clitoris.

Description: This is a magic spell to shrink the subject's clitty. This magical hypnotic control implants this spell deep into the subject's subconscious. She will hear this voice grow stronger. This spirit will force the subject to behave like a good submissive sissy girl. This file permanently locks the subject's clitty into permanent girly softness. Her clitoris will shrink and shrivel up into her body. Her genital skin will shrink all day long. Her ovaries will pull up into her body and disappear. This file will force her mind into obedient submission. The subject will be trained to obey this voice inside her soul. She will be completely trapped by this magic. She will behave like a good submissive sissy girl. This spirit voice is reinforced through daily ritual. She will tell you how much a good girl you are. She will reach into your genitals and transform you. She will guide your body with her hands. Your subconscious body language will be trained to be so feminine, and she will say, 'good girl.' This file will continue to help grow this affectionate girl spirit. Her voice will grow more distinct and powerful. The subject's dreams will reinforce her magic. She will guide the subject into girly happiness. It will be impossible to act like a boy with daily use. You will not be able to escape this file. The subject accepts full responsibility for the powerful life changing effects of this file.

Contains: Good girl voice, spirit girl love, pussy drip, female spirit, clitty shrink, spirit voice, nipple masturbation, magic, spell web, pink sparkle, sissy girl, submissive urges, femininity practice, walk like a girl, talk like a girl, forced to submit, dress feminine, influenced thoughts, spirit hands, trapped clitty, permanent softness, pussy training, deep feminization, masculinity removal, mirror ritual, mirror pose, peeing like a girl, obedience training, pussy squeeze, pleasure squeeze, spirit magic, good girl training, symbolized femininity, deep acceptance, feminine exposure, spirit commands, female body language, pussy nerves, pussy throb, feminine wrists, cum command, subliminal layers, sound effects, stereo headphones, nipples trigger pussy, spirit girl control, subconscious training, spell weave, dreams, ADDICTION, URGES, PERMANENT, LOCKED

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