Spirit Girl Voice: Obedience

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Voice Type: Text to speech, Computer female, Computer synthesized

Duration: 1:22:19

Audience: This file is for sissy girls. This file is for males who are not males and want to be permanently female.

Description: This file places a feminine spirit deep inside the mind of the subject. She will hear this voice encourage her every time she acts feminine. The subject will be trained. This feminizes the mind completely. This file creates a separate voice inside the mind. This will feminize your soul. This voice is reinforced through femininity and triggers.

This File Contains: Good encouragement, pussy drip, female , voice, act girly, practice femininity, walk like a , talk like a , inner monologue, permanent effects, forced exposed, masculinity punishment, female hormones, dress feminine, bra, panties, earrings, mirror trigger, training, pussy pleasure, mind shape, submission trigger, sissy , flirt, feminine acceptance, poses, trigger pose, peeing destroys resistance, female body language, ADDICTION, CRAVINGS, PERMANENT.

Details: The subject will be permanently stuck practicing every day. She must obey. She will obey instinctively. This file causes an addiction inside the mind of the subject. She will pose every day in front of a mirror. She will be forced to act feminine in every daily situation. It will be impossible for the sissy to hide her femininity. She will be forced to show the world how much a girly girl she is deep down. This file feminizes every action. This is placed deep inside the subconscious mind. She will feminize your subconscious actions. It will be impossible to act like a boy. Please be absolutely sure that you desire to be trapped completely. You will not be able to escape this file. This is my most powerful file so far. This file uses a new and improved voice. The subject takes full responsibility for the effects of this file.

WARNINGS: This file can give rise to a separate personality. This file feminizes. This file is addictive.

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