Bimbo Love Gas: Breast Enlargement

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Voice Type: Human Female

Duration: 1:08:26

Audience: Breast Enlargement, Feminization

Description: This file deeply feminizes the subject's mind. Her breasts will grow larger through the power of the subconscious mind. This training slowly causes the mind and body to grow softer. She will feel these powerful feminine hormones pulsing through her entire sensitive body. She will be trained to be a very sensitive girl. Her bimbo body is sensitive to any feminine signals. This file implants a deep subconscious suggestion inside the bimbo's mind. Her breasts receive a feminine signal to grow larger all day long. A bimbo is programmed to rub her sensitive bimbo nipples each day. Rubbing her sensitive bimbo nipples triggers the subject's breasts to grow and pulse with pleasure. This bimbo gas forces the subject's brain to feel very submissive and obedient. She loves being told what to do.

Contains: Pussy drooling, Breast enlargement, nipple sensitivity, behavioral training, submission, pleasure obedience, deep feminization, bimbo giggles, horny nipples.

Warning: This file causes breast enlargement and submissive behavioral training.

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