Bimbo Mind Drug: Heat

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, female computer, Text to Speech

Duration: 17:00

Audience: This file is safe for lesbians. This file in particular does not focus on sex with men. This file is for both sissy girls and good girls. This file is for men who are not men and wish to change.

This is a video file.

You will receive a zip file containing a 16-bit rate file, an 8-bit rate file, and an MP3 file. If your computer is having trouble running the 16-bit rate file, the 8-bit should run for weaker computers. These files contain a lot of visual data. If you are sensitive to seizures, you should not watch this file.

Description: This file implants a deep hypnotic keyword into the subject's mind. She will become a horny bimbo. This mind drug creates a warm bimbo bubble around the subject's mind. She will feel light and relaxed. This is the first bimbo drug. This bimbo heat will open the subject to bimbo suggestions. Her mind hole will feel good. This bimbo drug will cause the subject to drip and drool from between her legs. Her pussy will feel good.

Contains: Obedience triggers, pussy drool, horny bimbo, (light)dumb bimbo, mind drug, addictive, mind pleasure, slutty pussy, bimbo thoughts, deep mind training, bimbo bubble.


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