Brainwash: Feminizing Clitoris Shrink

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Voice: TTS, Computer Female, Computer synthesized


Duration: 54:33

Description: This file brainwashes the subject with layered subliminal whisper tracks. The subject's clitoris will shrink and soften. She will feel a clitoris between her legs. This file gradually shrinks the subject's clitoris. The subject's nerves will sense a clitoris. The mind's wiring is feminized. This file causes the subject to shrink permanently. The subject will be reminded to shrink. The clitoris will shrink gradually over time. This file uses multiple layers of brainwash. This file uses subliminal, whisper tracks, and sound effects to entrance the subject's mind. The subconscious mind is feminized. Shrinking feels so girly. The subject will be trained to have a pussy. Training will feel so good. It will feel so good to have a shrinking clitoris.

This file contains: Female nerves, feminized nerves. clitoris training, pleasure training, female thoughts, dreams reinforce, gradually shrinking, imagination shrink, small female cells, pink triggers, estrogen production, arousal shrinks, tingle shrink, pleasure shrink, soft genitals, feminized genitals, feminization.

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