Brainwash: Lesbian Sissy Girl

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Voice Type: TTS, Computer Female, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 1:00:36

Description: This file brainwashes the subject through subliminal layers and whisper tracks. She will behave like a lesbian sissy girl. These desires will be etched into the subconscious mind. The subject will crave to lick pussy. This file feminizes the subject's mind. She will be flooded with lesbian good girl thoughts. Her sissy mind will crave pussy. Pussy will taste so good. Her lesbian urges will grow stronger. She will flirt just like a girly girl. She will desire to submit to strap-on sex. Receiving pleasure from feminine girly girls will feel so good. There is a bonus deep subliminal file under subliminal. 

This File Contains: Pussy drip, pussy drool, pussy tastes good, lesbian sissy girl, lesbian urges, feminization, strap-on pleasure, pussy attraction, lesbian flirt, sexual moans, subliminal tracks, pussy worshiper, pussy lick, creamy pussy taste, lesbian attraction, submissive pleasure.

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