Brainwash Magical Panties: Shrinking Clitty Demon Girl

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Note: This is a very old file (4+ years) that slipped through and was never added to my website. I've added more suggestions in this version. Brainwash type files are more tumultuous than normal files and require a more advanced user to stay in trance. This file contains the word sissy.

Voice type: Female TTS, Text-to-speech, Computer synthesized

Duration: 1:00:37

Description: This file causes the subject's clitoris to shrink. All of her panties will be charged with a magical shrinking spell. She will love to suck cock. She will want to clean his cock. This file causes the subject to deeply crave sucking cock. Her clitoris will shrink whenever she becomes aroused. Her arousal causes her clitty to pull inside. Her little ovaries will gradually shrink and pull inside the body. This file is for sissy girls. This file draws sensation from the clitoris into the pussy. Demon girl will put her inside a mental box. She will become very obedient to demon girl's commands. She will feel compelled to rub her nipples. Rubbing her nipples causes her clitoris to feel soft and small. She will be trained in her dreams by demon girl.

Contains: Demon Girl Magic, pussy sensation, pussy drool, clitoris shrink, magical panties, shrinking commands, cock sucking, cum swallowing, panties, dressing, makeup, butt hole orgasm, subconscious orgasm command, sensitive g-spot, anal penetration, dream training, sissy girl.