Day One: Swallow

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Patreon File: This is a new type of file! These files are free with a 5$ pledge to my patreon. Please visit my patreon page at - You will have access to a 100% discount.

Voice Type: Text to speech, Artificial Intelligence Voice, female TTS.

Duration: 7:11 (Very Short)

Audience: Transgender, Girly girls, Any Attraction

Description: This is a brainwash type file and does not contain a standard induction phase.

This implants a girly trigger whenever she swallows. The subject will be gradually conditioned and trained to accept deeper hypnotic trances. This file is the beginning of a series that will open the subject's mind to deeper hypnotic control.

Contains: Girl Doll, Puppet Strings, Swallowing Trigger, Suck Desire, Subliminal Layers, warm pleasure, Girl Conditioning, Trance Deepener.