Day Two: Kiss

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Patreon File: This is a new type of file! These files are free with a 5$ pledge to my patreon. Please visit my patreon page at - You will have access to a 100% discount.

Voice Type: Text to speech, Artificial Intelligence Voice, female TTS.

Duration: 6:51 (Very Short)

Audience: Transgender, Girly Girls, Attracted to men

Description: This is a brainwash type file and does not contain a standard induction phase.

This implants a girly suggestion to kiss. Kissing feels good. The subject's lips will feel girly. The subject will be trained to receive this suggestion deep into her subconscious mind. She will want to kiss him. This brainwashes the subject to deeply desire to kiss a man.

Contains: Pretty dress, Kissing lips, Pink Strings, Feminine Body Language, Trance Deepening.