Deep Mind Bubble: Female Transformation

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Computer Female, Text to Speech,

Duration: 1:18:04

Audiences: Male to female transformation

Description: This file causes the subject to be completely transformed into a horny girly girl. She will be programmed to act feminine. She won't be able to pretend to be a boy at all. This file melts away any trace of masculinity inside the mind. This file is very intense and extreme. This file uses punishment and extreme mental control. The subject's mind will be attracted to femininity. She will take notice of femininity. Her mannerisms will gradually become more feminine. The subject will be programmed to feel really slutty between her legs. The subject's mind is transformed into a horny use hole. She will think about sucking cock. She will be a good girl and carry a purse. She will carry lubricant in her purse. This file deeply feminizes the mind of the subject.

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