Demon Girl: Anal Pleasure Slave

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Duration: 1:31:13

Voice Type: Text to speech, Artificial Intelligence Voice, female TTS.

Audience: Transgender, Attracted to Men, Slutty Girls

Description: This will cause the subject to feel a deep need to become a slave to anal pleasure. She will find a man to own her. This is a mind control file. Demon girl will take possession of the host body and control her desires and body movements. The subject will be subconsciously controlled. She will feel deeply attracted to cock sliding into her pussy hole. Demon Girl will crave anal pleasure with the subject's body. A mindless obedience will cause the subject to be compelled to obey demon girl's desires. Demon girl wants to be fucked. She wants to orgasm with her very sensitive butt hole. The subject will be a slave to Demon Girl's desires. When she sees an erect cock, she will feel compelled to suck it. She will use the subject's mind and body to satiate her cravings. These subconscious commands will become irresistible. Demon Girl will become too convincing to resist. She will gain complete control of the host. This is a summoning hypnosis file that uses a deep magic to open the subject's third eye. This spirit will enter into the host's spirit hole and control her from inside her mind.  She will want to wear makeup to attract men. She will want to make men hard. She will crave the sight and smell of a hard cock. Demon girl will fill the subject's pussy with desire. Taking cock into her body will be her duty. She deeply know that she must serve cock. She will know that she must give pleasure with her ass. Demon Girl will think for the subject's mind. She will love to make cock cum. Her desires make you feel happy.

Contains: Feminine Pleasure, Anal Pleasure, Cock Sucking, Demon Possession, Skirts, Makeup, Slave Girl, Obedience Magic, Sleep Trigger, Thought Creation, Submissive Girl, Fuck Doll, Pussy Pleasure, Estrogen.

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