Demon Girl: Baby Crazy

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Voice type: (NEW) Neural network voice, Artificial Intelligence Female, Text-to-Speech.

Duration: 1:09:19

Audience: Attracted to men, Cocksuckers, Girly girls, Transgender

Description: This file will cause the subject to have an irresistible urge to become pregnant. She will search for a man to impregnate her. She will do almost anything to have her womb filled with semen. Her breasts will grow and fill with milk. Demon girl will cause the subject's body to produce milk for her baby. This file causes lactation. The subject will massage her breasts every day to encourage milk production. This is a deep mind control file. Demon girl will take complete control of the mind and body of the subject. She will become silent in demon girl's mind. Demon girl will possess the body of the subject. Her body will only move under demon girl's control. The subject's thoughts will be demon girl's thoughts. This file uses brain chemicals to train the subject to obey. She will be rewarded with pleasure when she thinks the appropriate thoughts. She will feel a deep arousal at the thought of semen ejaculating. She will crave being filled with semen. The subject to deeply desire to have a baby and she will do almost anything to convince a man to impregnate her.

Contains: Short skirts, fashion, pussy cream, ejaculating orgasm, mind control, demon possession, baby crazy, lactation, breast growth, orgasm trigger, orgasm strength increase, hidden command, minor memory loss, attraction to men, nipple sensitivity, pregnancy craving.

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