Demon Girl: Fairy Crown

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Voice Type: Artificial Intelligence Female, Text to Speech, Neural network Synthesized.

Duration: 1:10:06

Audience: Attracted to men, transgender, girly girls

Description: This takes the subject into a deep fairy dream. She will become a princess inside this dream. She will feel very pretty and feminine. Demon girl will give her a crown to wear. This is a magical mind control device. This subconscious crown will stay with the subject all day long. It will give demon girl complete control of the subject's emotions. She will be trained to feel happy whenever she thinks about sucking a thick juicy cock. This deepens demon girl's subconscious control of the mind and body of the subject. She will crave to hold a man's cock in her mouth. This is a permanent lock that is fed into her brain through the power of this magical fairy crown. She will think about his penis. It will be the subject's favorite thing to think about. She will want to cum really hard while she rides a penis. This is a demon possession file that gradually takes control of the subject's movements and speech patterns. This guides the subject to say words that will lead her to sucking his cock. She will love to say the word dick. She will think about telling every guy she meets about her fantasies. She will want to learn how to convince a guy to let her suck his dick. This is what demon girl crave deep inside the subject's mind. She will feel this deep craving bubble to the surface of her thoughts all throughout the day. She will want to have a dick near her mouth. She will want to lick it and suck out the semen from the dick.

Contains: Nipple rubbing, clitoris rubbing, pussy drooling, fantasy fuck, cock sucking, mind control, demon possession, moaning, cock trigger, orgasm strength, squeezing, fairy wings, magical subconscious tiara, feminine subconscious training, dressing pretty, giggling, princess.

Warnings: Mind Control, Demon Possession

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