Demon Girl: Feminine Whispers

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Voice: Human Female

Duration: 1:42:08 (VERY LONG)

Audience: Male to female transformation, sissy girls, transgender girls, girly girls

Description: This file builds on the Demon Girl Series. This is a mind control spell. Demon girl will train and condition the subject to love sucking and licking large erect cocks. This file will whisper into the mind of the subject whenever she sees her triggers. This demon girl will slowly grow stronger inside the mind of the subject. This training will develop demon girl's voice and slowly she will hear her guidance. This file is only for girls who want to be deeply enslaved to Demon Girl's sexual desires. Demon girl will fuck the mind of the subject with her large cock. Her magical juices are an important part of this magical spell. This spell contains many permanent reinforcement suggestion triggers that will entrap the subject's mind. She won't be able to escape her training. She will think about large erect cocks penetrating her wet pussy. These ideas and memories will flow through the subject's mind. She will remind you. Demon girl will remind the subject of these special things. She will sit like a girl. She will walk like a girl. She was born a girl. Demon Girl will help the subject talk like a very good girl. She will be caused to feel very feminine. The subject will want him to cum inside her pussy. This cock will push against her g-spot. She will embrace Demon Girl's control. She will think about sucking cock. Demon Girl's whispers will arrive inside her mind. I can hear her whispering in my mind.

Contains: nipples, attraction to men, mind control, feminine details, lipstick, cocksucker, deep love, expressing femininity, demon girl obedience, subconscious training, deep feminine training, girl affirmations, wet pussy, magic, feminine tone, feminine vision, happy breaths, deep ancient fairy magic, soft clitty, submissive hole

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