Demon Girl: Fuck Doll Slave

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Duration: 1:23:03

Voice Type: Female TTS, Computer Synthesized, Artificial Intelligence Voice

Audience: Transgender, Attracted to man, Serve Master, Submissive Girls, Slave Girls


This is a mind control hypnosis audio file. A recreational pleasure story. A magical possession ritual.

Demon girl takes control of the subject's mind. The subject will be mind controlled and she will become a slave to a master. She will love master's cock. She will feel compelled to obey master. Demon Girl wants to obey her master. If the subject does not have a master to serve, she will find a man to obey. This file will cause the subject to feel a deep desire to serve a master. Demon Girl will force the subject to suck her master's cock and drink his semen. She will love to wear pretty dresses for master's pleasure. She will be a flesh doll. A fuck toy for master to use. All of the subject's holes will be trained to please master. Demon Girl will use the subject's mind and body to satiate her deep craving to please master. Demon Girl's control is absolute. This file causes permanent parameter changes in the subconscious mind of the subject. She will want to be master's doll. A perfect puppet for Demon Girl to use. She will use the subject's body and cause her to feel deep submissive cravings. She will want to be a good girl for master. She will want to make a man hard. She will want to see master's erect cock. Her mind will think about seeing it. Her subconscious mind will know that she needs to see it. Master's cock needs to feel pleasure. This file transforms the subject into an obedient slave doll. She will be a puppet for Demon Girl. Her control is absolute. A permanent fuck doll. This file uses hypnotic mind control. You need to serve a man's cock. This file will cause the subject's mind to serve a man's cock. The subject will feel a deep compelling urge to orgasm with master's cock inside her body.

Contains: Master's Smell, Slave training, Mind control, Spirit Possession, Submissive Urges, Feminine Training, Anal Sex, Doll Programming, Fairy Crown, Smell Trigger, Feminization, Orgasm Sensitivity, Pussy Drool, Deep Mind Control, Magic Control Box, Reinforced Demon Girl Possession, Demon Sex Magic

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