Demon Girl: Magic Spell Compulsion

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Voice Type: Computer synthesized, female text to speech, TTS

Duration: 1:03:44

Audience: Cock Craving, Feminization, Male to female, Demon Possession

Description: This file will summon a demon inside the mind of the subject. This demon will compel the subject to behave in very feminine ways. She will be a really good girl. She will learn to love sucking cock. Demon girl will train the subject's mind on how to act like a good girl. This is a deep mind control file. This file deeply trains the subject to feel an intense connection to the feeling of a cock inside her. Demon girl will induce a deep magical sleep on the subject's mind. Inside this deep dream the subject is trained to be a well behaved slut. She will be brought to orgasm and each time this happens she will feel this demon possession grow stronger. This is my most powerful file so far. This file contains deep memory training.

Contains: Butt plug, feminization, forced orgasm, cock sucking, demon possession, pussy drool, cock trigger, behavioral triggers, compulsion triggers, nipples, hormones, female memories, memory training, memory flash, hands free orgasm, feminization, body possession.

WARNINGS: This file may cause loss of memory. This file may cause loss of bodily control permanently. This file causes attraction to cock and men.

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