Demon Girl: Mind Control

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Voice Type: Computer synthesized, computer female, Text to Speech

Duration: 1:09:36

Audiences: Sex with men, cocksuckers, fuck holes, sissies

Description: This file will fully enforce Demon Girl's mind control. She will take over your mind and body. This mind control will change the subject's thoughts. Her mind will worship cock. She won't be able to escape Demon Girl's desires. Her thoughts will be your thoughts. When she moves with your body you will feel pleasure. This file is very potent mind control! You should not listen to this file unless you want a spirit fucking your mind each time you fall asleep. Her magical power will slowly warp your mind to her desires. She wants you to be a good cocksucker for her. She wants you to fuck cock for her. This demon will live through your body and mind.

Contains: cock worship, cocksucker training, fuck hole training, mind control, demon possession, demon magic, pussy drool, slut thoughts, horny pussy, sex with men.

Warnings: This file contains mind control. This file contains demon possession. This file contains worshiping cock. This file contains attraction to men. This file may cause personality fractures.

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