Demon Girl: Mind Trap

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Voice Type: TTS, speech synthesized, computer female

Duration: 4:30:58

Description: This file will lock the subject inside demon girl's mind trap. This is a mind control file. The subject will lose control of their to mind. The subject will be trapped. will make her into such a slutty fuck hole. She won't be able to move her hands without permission. Her body will not respond to her commands. Demon girl will cast a horny spell into the mind of the subject. She will think about cock all the time. The taste of cum will be delicious to the subject's tongue. She won't be able to think certain thoughts. She will use your body and mind. She will fuck so many cocks with your horny holes. She will tie your mind into a pink knot. She will control your thoughts. She will be inside your mind . She will force her way into your spirit. It will be okay to give in to her power. Her subconscious instructions will be followed exactly. She will speak to your subconscious thoughts. She will train your as you sleep. You will dream about demon girl's instructions. You will realize every morning how much a good girl you are deep inside your mind. You need cock at an instinctual level. Feminine feelings will flood right between your eyes. This will force the subject to feel very feminine. Your fuck hole will be trained. Demon girl will make you into a horny fuck hole. 

Contains: Mind control, anal training, fuck hole orgasm, cock sucking, horny fuck hole, sex with guys, flirt, deep feminization, slut training, presence, loss of control, deep desires, mental block, panties trigger, pussy squeeze, obedient good , permanent, female thoughts, feminine wash, dream training, submissive training, soft clitty shrink, clitty lock, feminine genitals, pussy lock, cock slut, masculine amnesia, male memory amnesia. 

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