Demon Girl's Feminizing Abyss

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Female Computer, Text to Speech

Duration: 1:52:15

Audiences: Sissies, Male to female transformation, cock sucking, demon posession

This is a mind control file. This demon will take control of the subject's body and mind. This demon girl will force the subject to be a feminine slutty girly girl. She will fuck cocks for you. She will suck cocks for you. When she moves your body with your body it will instinctively follow. She will make you obey through intensive mental training. She will gain control of your mind completely. You will be turned into her horny fuck toy. You won't be able have your own thoughts. You wont be able to have your own insights. Everything will arrive from demon girl's mental thought training. You will be completely owned.

Contains: Mind control, deep feminization, slut training, demon presence, loss of control, sealed, horny slut thoughts, cock worship, fuck hole feminization, obedience causes orgasm, spirit voice, cock sucking.

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