Demon Girl's Permanent Fuck Puppet

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Voice Type: Text to Speech - Computer Female

Duration:  1:20:02


This file places a deeply perverted spirit inside the mind of the subject. The subject will be completely transformed. This file has permanent mental hooks. This file will cause the subject to be addicted to Demon Girl's pleasure. She will train the subject to release pleasure into her brain. She will be trained to be an obedient cocksucker. The subject will hear this magical spirit's voice. Her magical pressure will guide the subject into feminine happiness. She will be mentally trained every day. Demon Girl will force the subject to do feminizing tasks. She will gradually take over the mind and body of the subject. This permanent addictive relationship will last for the rest of the subject's life. This file will make the subject very vulnerable to sexual advances. You will not be able to resist sucking any cock that is offered to you. You are a sensitive sissy slut. The subject's conscious willpower will be suppressed. It is impossible to escape this permanent addictive training. This file will summon a spirit that will live inside the subject's mind. This spirit will gradually feminize the subject's soul. She will be Demon Girl's sissy slave for many lives. A spiritual lock is very permanent. It persists past a single life. This spell will encompass the entire body in a magic pink bubble. This magical spell will create a permanent home for Demon Girl's presence. The subject will be deeply encouraged to rub her nipples. They will be trained by Demon Girl to masturbate this way. You will be trained to think about cock all day long. You will be imprinted with feminine characteristics.

Contains: Demon Girl's voice, magical ritual, magic, pussy drool, cocksucker, deep feminization, butt plug, trigger words, magic forest, magic sky, slut behavior, flirting behavior, feminine behavior, sight trigger, feminization trigger, nipple slut, permanent nipple masturbation, submission, mind control, body control, thought control.

Warnings: This file causes the subject to actively search for cock to suck. This file causes the subject to lose conscious willpower. This file is a mind control file. This file contains demonic magic. This file deeply feminizes the soul. This file contain permanent effects. This file contains addiction.

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