Demon Girl's Sex Portal

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Voice Type: Human Female

Duration: 1:21:56

Audience: Transgender, Attracted to men, Girly Girls 

Description: Demon Girl takes the subject through a magic portal. She leads you into a deep hypnotic dream. Inside this dream Demon Girl will possess and enter the mind of the subject. Her movements and mannerisms will be guided by this spirit possession. She will lose control of her mind to Demon Girl. She will feel deep love. This will cause the subject to love the smell and taste of any cock, and if she sees any erect cock, she will be triggered. This is a demon possession spell that causes a spirit to inhabit the life of the subject. She will speak through your thoughts and words, and if you talk to any guy, you will feel this deep erotic magic surge inside you. This is a permanent girl blessing, and the subject will not be able to reject any command that she is given. This spirit will whisper subconscious commands and instructions that will be impossible to resist. The subject will become an expert at sucking cock. She will be driven to practice as much as possible. Her subconscious mind will find any excuse to suck cock. This is a permanent mental conditioning magic.

Contains: Pussy training, wet pussy, cock sucking, taste, panties, bra, mind control, subconscious programming, feminization, permanent girl, magic.

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