Fem Training: Masturbation Lock

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Voice Type: Computer synthesized, Female Computer, Text to Speech

Duration: 41:21

Audience: Sissy, Male to female transformation

Description: This file locks the subject into feminization training. Every time the subject masturbates she will be trained at a subconscious level to behave girly. Masturbation will erase masculinity. Only girl thoughts are allowed while masturbating. She will be feminized to behave girly through nipple sensitivity training. This file feminizes the subject while she masturbates. She will be trained to wear panties, and that will lead to deeper feminization. The subject is conditioned to behave girly. Her feminine sensations will grow stronger. Her nipples will gradually become more sensitive. The subject will be trained to feel feminine pleasure and orgasm. Any trace of masculinity will be erased. The subject will be trained to masturbate with delicate feminine fingers. This is intended to be permanent. All forms of masturbation will be feminized completely.

Contains: Pussy drip, masturbation lock, feminine fingers, Pink door feminization, subconscious training, nipple sensitivity, pussy training, feminine nerves, masculinity wipe, penis wipe, male to female sensations, pussy drool, nipple masturbation, nipple orgasm training, sexual moans, subliminal layers, masturbation trigger, feminine voice, dresses, lipstick, bras, panties, panty triggers, mind penetration, clitty tingle, clitoris training, feminine sensitivity, clitty rub trigger, wet panties, good girl

This is a special edition file.

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