Female Spirit: Feminine Indoctrination

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Hybrid, Sometimes human female voice, Text to Speech

Audience: Male to female, Attracted to men

Duration: 1:08:56

Description: This file takes the subject into a deep hypnotic dream. Inside this dream she will be completely trained. She will cum very powerfully. Inside this deep hypnotic dream the subject will experience many powerful orgasmic releases. This will train the mind and body. This spirit will enter through the subject's mind. She will be trained to love the things girls love. She will want to be very pretty. She will apply her makeup every day. This file trains the subject to feel very attracted to men. She will day dream about sucking a man's cock. Every guy she meets will cause her pussy to drool. This feminine spirit will feed you pleasure when you obey. She will take control of your mind. This trains the subject to act in really feminine ways. This file trains the subject to speak with a feminine voice. This file trains the subject to feel deep pleasure inside her pussy when a cock slides inside.

Contains: pussy drool, feminine training, dresses, makeup, cock sucking, feminine spirit, spirit possession, mind control, body control, male attraction, cock attraction, swallowing, submissive emotions, weak feelings, female orgasm, amnesia.

Warning: This file contain spirit possession and complete mind/body control. This file can cause permanent mental effects. This file contains memory loss.

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