Female Spirit Inculcation

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Voice Type: Hybrid TTS Human Female, Computer Synthesized, Text to Speech

Duration: 1:20:15

Audience: Male to Female, Girly girls

Description: This hypnotic trance will summon a female spirit into the mind of the subject. She will feel deep pleasure as this spirit enters her mind. This female spirit will use the host's mind and body. She will be trained to behave in very feminine ways. She will be trained to worship cock. This feminine spirit wants you to behave in specific ways. This file takes the subject into a deep hypnotic trance. Inside this trance the subject's mind will be completely transformed. This file will cause temporary amnesia. She won't be able to remember being anyone else. The subject will be trained to orgasm just like Amber. She will cum very hard. She will cum harder and harder. She will learn to behave just like Amber. Amber squirts harder and harder each time she cums. This is a part of Amber's hypnotic training. This spirit will completely control the subject's thoughts and desires. gradually over time the subject will become very sensitive. She will be trained inside her dreams. She will feel really good. This file trains the subject to feel really feminine all the time. Gradually the subject will lose all control. Invisible puppet strings will guide the subjects every movement. She won't be able to say any thought of her own. The subject's mind is placed into a sleepy pink box. The subject will be compelled to wear makeup everyday. She will feel very pretty, This is a permanent behavioral lock. Any resistance only makes these addictive effects stronger. This is an addictive experience. A magical pleasure will be induced inside the brain of the subject. She will feel her mind hole cum.

Contains: Estrogen, nipples, cock sucking, addictive, pussy drool, squirts, cum training, female orgasm, purple amnesia, blue relaxation, mind control, female spirit, body possession,  puppet control, cute guys attraction, feminine characteristics, deep feminization, pink, good girl trigger,  dresses, dream fuck, wet dreams.

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