Female Spirit: Pleasure Girl

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Voice Type: TTS, Female Computer, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 1:03:17

Audience: girly girls, Male to female, cock sucking, male attraction

Description: This file implants deep subconscious suggestions and triggers into the subject's mind. She will love swallowing feminine hormones. She will love swallowing cum juice. This spirit will manifest inside the subconscious mind. She will direct the conscious thoughts of the subject. This spirit will travel inside the subject's subconscious mind guiding each action. The subject will be deeply attracted to the male sex. She will instinctively react to the sight of a big hard cock. It is an undeniable sensation. Whenever the subject is alone with any guy she will feel these sensations burn to life. This spirit will push inside her thoughts. A deeply submissive vessel. The file causes permanent changes inside the subject's mind. She will fantasize about swallowing her medicine. This file subconsciously programs the subject's mind to behave in very submissive ways.

Contains: hormones, sucking, pussy, soft clitoris, light amnesia, cock worship, male attraction, feminization, subconscious programming, spirit summon, personality creation, internal voice, panties, cock trigger, cum trigger, pussy hole trigger, estrogen, lipstick, day dreams.

Warnings: Personality split, loss of mental control, permanent femininity, permanent  attraction to male, memory loss, thought intrusion, magic.

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