Feminine Treatment Hypnosis: Girl Conditioning

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Voice Type: Human Female

Duration: 1:01:48

Audience: Cocksuckers, Girly girls.

Description: This file takes the subject into a deep hypnotic trance. Inside this trance she will be programmed to feel and behave in programmed patterns. This training will slowly and gradually help the mind of the subject. She will think the thoughts that she is supposed to think about. This permanent training will be anchored deep inside the subject's subconscious mind. She will feel these commands trigger. This file will train the subject's brain to respond to a man's attention. This deep subconscious training causes the subject intense arousal. She will feel her tight little pleasure pocket squeeze and squeeze when she is supposed to squeeze. These implanted hypnotic commands will cause an uncontrollable response. The subject's brain will always respond to the sight of a cock. She will instinctively say, yes! Yes to cock.

Contains: Cock sucking, deep feminization, feminine walk, makeup, licking, sucking, pleasure squeezes, subconscious trigger, subconscious layers, drooling pleasure, feminine orgasm, permanent feminization, pussy drool, magic compulsion, feminine inner voice.

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