Good Boy: Puppy Fuck

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Voice Type: Computer Female, TTS, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 35:08

Audience: Submissive Gay Men

Description: This file transforms the subject into a horny furry puppy boy. The subject will experience an intense sexual hypnotic fantasy. The subject will experience being fucked in their little fuck hole. They will experience being throat fucked. The subject will experience being fucked by an alpha cock. This is a furry experience. The subject will be able to feel the knot of his cock as he fucks you. He will growl into your ear as he spurts his hot creamy cock juice deep inside your fuck hole. Your mind and body will be transformed into the mind of a horny puppy slut. This is a submissive gay hypnotic experience file.

Contains: puppy slut, transformation, puppy tail, constant orgasm, orgasm trigger, cock smell, cock taste, cum treat, doggy thoughts, puppy brain, good boy, submissive puppy, throat fuck, boy pussy, fuck hole, cock rub, puppy training, cock lick, swallowing cum, collar, cock dribble, pleasure thrusts, sexual heat, dream fantasy.

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