Good Girl: Butt And Breast Growth

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Voice Type: TTS, Computer Female, Digital Voice

Duration: 50:47

Description: This file feminizes the subject. It places several feminizing triggers deep into the subconscious mind. This file causes the subject's buttocks to tingle and grow. The subject's body will produce breast hormones. The color pink is a core trigger in this file. This file uses layered triggers to feminize the subject permanently. They will be feminized throughout their daily activities. This file implants triggers at subliminal levels. The subject will experience a flood of girly emotions. She will tingle with feminine pleasure. This file is very effective at feminizing the brain and has intense effects. The subject's butt and breasts will grow continually. They will feel heavy feminine sensations. This file trains the thoughts of the subject. She is given an affectionate girly girl attitude. The subject's body will be female. She will sense female sensations. Her subconscious mind will be conditioned to feel girly.

Contains: Color pink feminization, pink light imagination, pink triggers femininity, sleeping trigger, mirror trigger, awaken trigger, deep feminization, wear pink, female nerves, girly sensations, subconscious loop, female genitals, girly nipples, nipple masturbation, masturbation trigger, nipple rub, butt pleasure, girly pussy, female hormones, girly feelings, female cells, breast growth, buttocks growth, orgasm training, female clitoris.