Good Girl Control: Submissive Feminizing Memory

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Voice Type: TTS, Computer Female, Voice Synthesized

Duration: 1:22:17

Description: This file takes the subject's control. This file feminizes at a very deep level of control. The subject's memories will be female memories. The subject will be trained to be submissive. This file removes all control from the subject, and shapes the mind at a subconscious level. The subject's memories will be feminized. The subject will not be able to recall every being anything but a girly girl. She will believe this deep down. Submissive thoughts will pour into the subject's mind. This file will cause the subject to become very submissive and girly. This file takes control and removes all control from the subject.

This file contains: Feminine clitoris, feminine pussy, layered subliminals, submissive training, pleasure command, obedient thoughts, feminization, breathing control, guided thoughts, submissive genitals, female nerves, female dreams, female patterns, feminine voice, memory swap, memory training, feminine thoughts, complete control, pink trigger.