Good Girl: Hidden Imagination Feminization 2.2b

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Voice Type: TTS, Robot Female, computer synthesized

Duration: 2:39:21

Audience: Feminization, Male to female, secret mind control

Description: This file creates a hidden imagination inside the subject's mind. She will experience this hidden imagination deep inside the subconscious mind. The subject's imagination will be controlled and hidden. This file uses a technique to hide the subject's imagination. This file improves on the original technique. This will cause the subject to believe completely the things imagined as reality. This file feminizes in a special way on the subject's mind. This causes the subject's imagination to cause real sensations. The subject's mind will be female completely. She will feel as if she has always felt this way. She has always been a girl. The subject's doubts will be removed and blocked. The mental history of the subject's mind is female. She will have female attitudes and ideas. This file tricks the imagination into hiding any doubts to reality. They will feel a pussy between their legs. The subject's mind will feel completely feminine. She will feel with female nerves. The subject's nerves will only give female sensations. This file feminizes the subject at a subconscious level. This is a very powerful feminization file. The subject will believe she has a clitoris between her legs. Her pussy will ache with female pleasure.

Contains: mind control, amnesia, feminization, pussy training, hidden imagination, orgasm training, female orgasm, female masturbation, masturbation trigger, feminizing masturbation, pink triggers, pink light, pink triggers femininity, good girl trigger, horny arousal, pussy training, female emotions, nerve training, female nerves, female body transformation, good girl thoughts, guided thoughts, female genitals, pink nerves, deep feminization, past femininity, female mental history, secret imagination, mind tingle, hypnotic focus, sexual moans, involuntary action, clitoris rub.

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