Good Girl Mental Block: Shrinking Clitoris Feminization SP

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Version Information: This is a special edition file. This file was originally made 2015-11-25. This is one of my oldest files. This special edition has some new vocals. It has some new background sound effects.

Voice Type: Female TTS, Text-to-Speech, Computer synthesized.

Duration: 50:02

Audience: Transgender, any sexual orientation, girly girls

Description: This file vanishes any penis between her legs and replaces it with a shrinking clitoris. This file will change the subject's genitals between her legs to be perceived as shrunken ovaries. They will pull up into the body. The clitoris will pull and shrink everything between the subject's legs. Her memories will only tell her that she has always had a clitoris. She has a very cute clitoris. It will shrink more and more every day. Please be absolutely sure that you desire to be female and have a shrunken clitoris between your legs before you start this file. Every nerve is feminized. Her pussy will be the center of her genitals. The subject's mind will only be able to sense a clitoris and a pussy between her legs.

Contains: Memory replace, penis removal, mental block embedding clitoris, female clitoris orgasms, controlled thoughts, bubble induction, clitoris triggers femininity, clitoris rubbing, softness training, pussy training, tingle shrink.

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