Good Girl: Milky Breast Growth

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Computer Female, Text to Speech

Duration: 1:03:28

Audience: Girls, Male to female, any sexual orientation.

Description: This file causes the subject's breasts to grow and lactate. The subject's subconscious mind will believe deep down that it needs to produce milk for a baby. The body's milk glands will grow and produce milk. This file forces the breasts to grow larger through hypnotic suggestions. She will believe deep down that her body needs to produce milk for her baby. Her body will produce milk because it needs to deep down in the subconscious mind. Her subconscious mind will produce milk as an involuntary bodily function. The subject's milky breasts will grow in size. Her breasts will grow every day and fill up with feminine baby milk. This file feminizes the mind of the subject.

Contains: Nipple sensitivity, nipple orgasm, baby hormones, hormones, breasts, massage, nipple masturbation, female masturbation, warm tingling glands, milk pressure, nipple rub, tissue growth, hormone production, female orgasm, nipple training, happy girl emotions

Warning: Causes breast growth in the subject. Feminization.

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