Good Girl: My Special Boyfriend

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Voice: Human Female

Duration: 54:24

Audience: Transgender Girls, Attracted to men, Submissive girls

Description: She will remember being a very feminine girl. This takes the mind of the subject deep into her memory room. She will be conditioned to be a very good girlfriend. She loves her boyfriend. She thinks about his cock. This causes the subject to feel deeply attracted to his erect cock. His cum tastes good. She will remember to respond to her boyfriend's cum. This post-hypnotic suggestion will cause the subject to drip and drool between her legs. Her pussy will feel really happy whenever she sucks on an erect cock. She will crave to express her deep femininity. This is a permanent post-hypnotic suggestion. She will think about her man. This hypnotic file programs the subject's mind to feel very submissive and feminine.

Contains: Hand holding, sex, love for boyfriend, cum taste, cock sucking, deep feminization, pink girlfriend, lipstick trigger, makeup, deep trust, feminine voice, earrings, purse, pussy drool.