Good Girl: Path to Femininity

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Voice Type: Female Computer, TTS, Speech Synthesized

Duration: 59:38

Audience: Feminization, Male to female

This file transforms the mind of the subject. She will experience intense feminization. The path to femininity is here. This file focuses on several aspects of femininity. Her every nerve and her every thought will be feminized. This file uses imagination imagery to enhance trance. This file focuses on several aspects of femininity using the feminization path experience. This file will shrink the body of the subject to a smaller female size. This file will cause the brain to manage the subject's female hormones. The subject will produce female hormones and grow breasts. This file trains the subject to be submissive and sexually sensitive. She will be an affectionate girly girl. The subject is to sense this deep inside the subconscious mind. This file is very powerful and could be permanent! Any physical effects take time and dedication to the file. The path experience feminizes the subject's mind through hypnotic sensation imagery.

This file contains: Female transformation experience, pussy drip, Pussy training, orgasm training, small female cells, whole body shrink, female masturbation, masturbation trigger, pink light, femininity triggers pleasure, good girl trigger, horny arousal, pussy pleasure, female emotions, nerve training, female nerves, female senses, deep feminization, good girl thoughts, female genitals, submissive genitals, submissive femininity, submissive training, sexual moans, clitoris rub, nipple sensitivity, nipple orgasm, girly sensitivity, nipples trigger pussy pleasure, female sensations, feminization experience, female hormones, feminized hormone receptors, automatic sensations.