Good Girl: Path To Femininity 2

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Voice Type: Female Human

Duration: 51:15

Audience: Feminization, Male to female

Description: This file deeply feminizes the subject's mind. She will be led down an ancient path. This ancient hypnotic path will deeply feminizes the subject's subconscious mind. She will feel very feminine. She will feel deeply connected to flowers. This file trains the subject to act in feminine mannerisms. She will be trained to feel feminine pleasure. Her pussy will squeeze over and over. This hypnotic training will cause the subject to feel deep feminine pleasure.

This file will cause the subject's nipples to gradually become more sensitive.

Contains: pussy drooling, pleasure leak, feminization, body language, flowers, breasts, nipples, panties, bra, lingerie, female orgasm, pleasure squeezing, feminine obedience, nipple training, nipple pleasure.