Happy Girl Training Hypnosis

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Voice Type: Computer Synthesized, Text to Speech, Female Computer

Audience: Attracted to men, male to female, slut training, feminization

Duration: 1:03:16

Description: This is a deep hypnosis audio file. This deeply hypnotic file takes the subject's brain into a deep theta brainwave state. Inside this deep hypnotic state the mind will accept everything. This deep training will have profound effects on the subconscious mind of the subject. These suggestions and commands will loop inside her subconscious mind all day long. She will gradually feel more feminine each day. This file trains the subject to feel a deep pleasure when she thinks about the things she is supposed to think about. This training will cause the subject to feel incredibly slutty. She will need to find someone to use her horny holes. This will cause the subject to feel very submissive. She will understand that her place in this world is to give pleasure by receiving it. You will understand at a deeply subconscious level what it means to feel feminine and submissive. This file trains the subject to be deeply attracted to men. This file will push the subject's mind further than she has ever gone before. She will deeply desire to behave in specific ways.

Contains: Cock sucking, pussy drool, feminine orgasm, induced orgasm, happy girl training, pleasure drip, male attraction, cock attraction, sucking, licking, makeup, dressing, permanent loop, hormones, estrogen production, hormone sensitivity, lipstick, memories, minor amnesia, time control, feminization.

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