Memory Implant: Boyfriend

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Voice Type: Computer Female, TTS, Computer Synthesized

Duration:  36:29

Description: This file implants a boyfriend memory into the subject's mind. She will remember being made to cum very hard from her boyfriend's cock. This file uses mental flashes to reprogram the subject's memories. Any trace of masculinity will be erased completely. She will be a very girly girl. Each flash will erase any memory of a penis or male identity. This flashing will slowly train the subject's mind. She will feel blank and fuzzy as she is reprogrammed. This will feel very pleasurable. This file can cause amnesia. Her memories will be erased or replaced. She was always a slutty good girl.

Contains: Breast growth, feminization, memory loss, memory replace, memory implant, flirt desire, cock worship, cocksucker, feminine orgasm, eye lashes, horny sex drive, pleasure squeeze, softer skin, brain chemicals, pussy lock, obedience is pleasure, pleasure flash, pussy drool, mind wipe, boyfriend experience.

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