Mental Block: Girl Orgasm Special Edition

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Voice type: Female Computer, Voice Synthesized, TTS

Special Edition Version information: This was originally created 2016-5-13. The induction has been extended. More subliminal tracks have been added. A longer ending has been added. More sound effects have been added.

Duration: 54:59

Audience: Transgender, any sexual orientation, male to female

Description: This file places a mental block deep inside the subject's subconscious mind. They will be trained to cum powerfully. They will be trained to cum with a feminine heart. The subject will only be able to cum like a girl. Male orgasm is erased completely. The subject will masturbate like a girl. The mental block feminizes and prevents any masculinity. This file will cause the subject to only be able to cum like a good girl. She will be trained through pleasure to obey. Her thoughts will be feminized in every way. This file will change the subject's mind profoundly. She will trained to think like a girl. This mental block will correct her sensations. Her mind will follow and obey. The subject's obedience to pleasure transforms her mind. She will be able to have girly pleasure contractions between her legs, and this will make her feel so good. This file is intended to be permanent. The subject takes full responsibility for the mental block place into the brain of the subject. She will not be able to cum with a penis because a girl doesn't have a penis. Her butt hole will become very sensitive to pleasure.

Contains: deep subliminal feminization, girl masturbation, female cum urges, mental block, mental lock, mind transformation, masculinity wipe, male orgasm block, pleasure pussy, female orgasm training, feminine moans, nipple orgasm, pussy orgasm, mental orgasm, anal orgasm, triggered feminine masturbation, penis memory wipe, throbbing pussy, pleasure obedience, butt sensitivity.

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